Provide free tuition for students in need to obtain an education

DeAngels work to help children thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. However, in Haiti with a high percentage of educational private institution parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Education is the key to success and every student deserves to obtain a valuable education.

Supply students with a nutritious meal to enhance their learning

Nutritious meals are an opportunity to teach lifelong healthy eating habits to children. In addition, children are better equipped to learn if good nutrition is part of their day. As a result, this will lead better academic performance.

Provide access to technology for a more advance level

Children in the Haiti lack access to electricity, which is causing a major factor to the lack of technology usage in Haiti. By providing children with technology for a more advanced level, they can compete with other children on a global level.

Children Healthcare Services

Advance healthcare services to children in their respective communities.The problem with healthcare in Haiti is that there is no system, no structure, no plan – at any rate, not one that has been executed. What healthcare facilities exist are completely deficient – inadequate medical staff, supporting staff, equipment and treatment. A child's development and health is essential prior to obtaining an education.